Welcome to Peoria Notre Dame Religious Themes in Film Class

Developing the whole person- spirit, body, and mind

1) Login to your school email.
2) Go to Drive.
3) Just below the school logo in the upper left hand corner, you find the create button. Click on that and select folder.
4) Name the folder (yourlastname)-films(hour you're in). For example, if I were in 2nd hour, I would name the collection Donnelly-films2
5) Once you create that folder, it should be visible on the left hand side of your screen under the tab my collections (if it is not visible, click on the tiny arrow to the left of my folders to make visible what folder you have). Put your cursor just to the right of where your new folder (donnelly-films2 in my case) is and you will see a little arrow pointing down. Click on that and then select share when that menu pops up.
6) Under add people, add my email address, j.donnelly@pndhs NOT john.donnelly@pndhs - that is your classmate, Jack Donnelly, not me.
7) Create a new document that you will put in the folder - please call it favorite movie.

Internet Movie Database

Roger Ebert's website