1. 1. What do you think of marriage in the movie? Do you think the institution of marriage is in a better or worse place today? How much of a factor is money in today’s marriages?

  1. 2. What do you think of Charlotte (Lizzy’s friend) marrying Mr. Collins? Did she make the right decision? What do you think changed from Lizzy’s initial reaction to how she was when she later visited Charlotte and Mr. Collins?

  1. 3. Do you think this movie is overly romantic/unrealistic? How/Why?

  1. 4. What do you think of Mr. Darcy telling Bingley not to marry Jane? Do you think it the place of a friend to say something like that (telling a friend to break up with/not be in a relationship with someone)?

  1. 5. What do you think of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet as people? What do you think of them as parents?

  1. 6. Whose perspective do you prefer: Jane’s (thinking the best of everyone) or Lizzy’s (kind of thinking the worst)? Another way to put it – which do you use in your own life? Why?

  1. 7. Can you imagine being married? What would be your biggest fear/concern? What do you think would be the best part about being married?

  1. 8. What is it about this book/movie (I highly, highly recommend the book, even though you have seen the movie and know what’s going to happen – Austen is a wonderful, wonderful writer) that makes it one of the most beloved of all time?

One of my favorite moments is how Mr. Bennet reacts to Lizzy’s revelation that she loves Mr. Darcy. Why do you think he reacts the way he does? Have you ever reacted in a similar fashion to hearing good news about someone else?