Course Documents

Class Objective: This course is to provide the opportunity to view and discuss a number of thought-provoking films. We will use film, a sometime-dismissed medium, as a means of reflecting critically on our culture and our own lives. We will analyze the choices of characters in the films, as well as the choices the filmmakers have made, that is to study the narrative and the art of the film, as a way to enter into the depths found in a popular medium. We hope to gain an appreciation for lives and experiences outside of our own.

Grading: The grade will be assessed over the course of the entire trimester. Grades will be based on a point system. The grade will be based primarily on written work, with a prayer quiz each month. Once a trimester a student will be charged with providing a summary of the class’s discussion on the class blog.


RESPECT teacher, others, and yourself.

Be in your seat when the bell rings.

Bring necessary materials to class each day.

When ill, see me when you return to class to see what assignments/notes you have missed - better yet, find out from a classmate before you get back. If you know that you will be absent, find out before your absence what you will be missing so that you can have your assignments completed upon your return.

I prefer papers typed – if your handwriting even begins to approach the cat scrawl that mine is, I will have difficulties. Also, papers typed and double-spaced leave room for me to make comments.

Keep the classroom clean. Pick up after yourself and each other. Someone has to clean up that which you would leave behind, so show them some respect and take care of things yourself.

Materials needed:
Something to write with
A sense of curiosity and a sense of wonder
Not too much, eh?