Monday November 6th: start Hoop Dreams in the classroom
Tuesday November 7th: continue Hoop Dreams
Wednesday November 8th: finish Hoop Dreams
Thursday November 9th: begin discussing HD, read articles about movie, share Separation created quetions
Friday November 10th: prayer quiz, finish discussing HD

Monday November 13th: review movies from class, vote on favorites
Tuesday November 14th: bonus movie
Wednesday November 15th: bonus movie
Thursday November 16th: final
Friday November 17th: final

Monday October 30th: read excerpt from novel, world getting better/worse, finish discussion
Tuesday October 31st: begin A Separation
Wednesday November 1st: finish A Separation
Thursday November 2nd: begin discussing Separation, share NCFOM ?s
Friday November 3rd: finish discussing Separation

Monday October 23rd: walk and talk
Tuesday October 24th: begin No Country for Old Men in the auditorium
Wednesday October 25th: work on P&P ?s
Thursday October 26th: finish NCFOM
Friday October 27th: begin discussing NCFOM, share walk and talk essay

Monday October 16th: finish discussing P&P
Tuesday October 17th: begin Before Sunrise in auditorium
Wednesday October 18th: finish Sunrise, share GWH ?s
Thursday October 19th: finish GWH ?s
Friday October 20th: discuss Sunrise

Tuesday October 10th: discuss GWH
Wednesday October 11th: begin Pride and Prejudice, share documentary essay
Thursday October 12th: finish P&P
Friday October 13th: begin discussing P&P

Monday October 2nd: begin discussing documentary
Tuesday October 3rd: prayer quiz, finish discussing documentary, watch short follow up
Wednesday October 4th: begin Good Will Hunting in auditorium, share Wonderful Life questions
Thursday October 5th: finish GWH

Monday September 25th: finish Wonderful Life in auditorium
Tuesday September 26th: begin discussing WL in classroom, read NY Times article
Wednesday September 27th: begin documentary in auditorium, share Shawshank ?s
Thursday September 28th: finish documentary
Friday September 29th: finish discussing Wonderful Life, watch SNL clip

Monday September 18th: continue Shawshank in auditorium
Tuesday September 19th: finish Shawshank in auditorium
Wednesday September 20th: go over Wonderful Life notes, begin discussing Shawshank
Thursday September 21st: Life quiz, finish discussing Shawshank, begin WL in classroom
Friday September 22nd: continue Life in classroom

Monday September 11th: finish discussing AF
Tuesday September 12th: begin Children of Men in auditorium
Wednesday September 13th: finish C of Men in auditorium, share AF ?s
Thursday September 14th: begin discussing C of Men
Friday September 15th: finish discussing C of Men, begin Shawshank in classroom

Tuesday September 5th: finish discussing Casa, begin Almost Famous in auditorium
Wednesday September 6th: continue AF in auditorium
Thursday September 7th: finish AF in auditorium, share Casa ?s
Friday September 8th: begin discussing AF

Monday August 28th: introductions
Tuesday August 29th: finish intros, go over Casablanca notes, discuss why people watch movies,
Wednesday August 30th: intro quiz over Casablanca, begin Casablanca in classroom
Thursday August 31st: finish Casa in auditorium, share favorite movie essay by end of day
Friday September 1st: begin discussing Casa

Friday August 25th: create class folders, begin favorite movie essay